Brass and Metal Polishing and Restoration

We specialize in polishing and restoring a variety of metals, including brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and pewter, across a wide range of industries. Our skilled craftsmen will have your treasured items looking like they’re brand new.

Residential Items

Take your family heirlooms and antique home decor items from old and worn out to shiny and new. We polish brass, bronze, copper, and silver products. Some examples of residential items we routinely polish include brass beds, chandeliers, sconces, copper pots, candlesticks, hardware, and lighting fixtures.

polished brass headboard

Commercial Items

Our experienced team of experts polish metal items for a variety of commercial businesses. We regularly work with church liturgical objects, including collection plates and crosses. Additionally, C&F restores restaurant and bar finishes, such as handrails and bar taps. We also routinely work with the construction industry polishing items like door knobs, fireplace hardware, and kickplates.

Industrial Items

Within the industrial market, we work with a variety of items to restore them to their original beauty. A few of the items that we have restored are water fountain bowls, electric heater parts, and various small production parts.

sparks flying from a metal tool

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